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Keys to Writing

The "art" of writing great blog posts and website content takes practice and patience. Plus it can boost rankings for your blog, feed and website in the process. Here are 4 areas you can concentrate on that will produce overall improvement in readership and search engine acceptance.
Creativity and Staying True to Yourself
Writing is a creative process like any other artform and "digging deep" can sometimes lead to writing that feels like its being forced. It's key to always go back to your reason for being here (on your website or blog that is) and how that has shaped your relationships - in real life and virtual. Your relationships most often will include customers, clients, friends and even occasional website users.

Your personal "brand" is, after all, how your audience perceives you, so stick with who you are for the best results.

Cross-Linking and Hyper Linking
Cross-linking is a key element for search engine marketing and optimizing your websites, blogs or even those pesky 140 character Twitter tweets. Building links into your posts will connect to your service blog or other well ranked sites or blog posts. But don't forget to link to your anchor website often to keep it from getting drowned out by all of the other media forms that are competing for attention from the search engines.

Imagery and Color
Images are the eye candy that blog and website readers key off of. It is proven that images in posts decrease the bounce rate and will hold a reader's attention much longer than one that doesn’t use images. The important thing to remember is to use images that play with what you are writing about.
Keyword Usage
Also part of the search marketing and search engine optimization puzzle, there are different rules for different types of environments. Search engines need to see a match between the meta tag keywords built into a website or in your blog description to actually have them compete. Indeed, if you overdo the use of keywords you will bore your readers and get marked down by the search engines. In the end it is all about balance and, like the old saying goes, choosing your words wisely.
A Key Guide to Writing
The seminal work about writing for the web was written by Gerry McGovern in 2003 and is still the top ranked search at Google - click here (PDF)

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