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Project Management

Project Management is the essential service that brings together all of the skilled professionals and their contributions to the concept and design of your successful Internet site. Readywebgo has adapted leading edge IT and Project Management Institute practices to web, social media and network projects.The use of Project Management is formalized and included in a comprehensive Internet Business Plan.
The following are typical Internet project phases:

  Project management
  User-centered design
  Internet business plan
  Site facilitation process
  Website design
  Technical requirements
  Application development
 Site and application testing
  Initial site marketing
  Transaction services
  Internet site maintenance
The phases involved with the typical Internet site planning and development project will not necessarily change, but the individual tasks and subtasks will.
Additionally, the investment necessary for maintenance and further development expenditures should be included in your unique Internet Business Plan budget. Marketing, maintenance and management are the three key elements for long-term success.
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