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Social Media Campaign Mulit-Tiered Fee Schedule

The fastest growing segment of online users is via social media. Taking advantage of this huge, growing and dynamic audience creates both new opportunities and new challenges for virtually every organization we've worked with. Readywebgo utilizes the right combination of people and tools to make the most of the search and trafffic possibilities from social media through a comprehensive set of services as part of our Site Maintenance, Marketing and Management Program - SMP. For a summary of SMP services click here.

Multi-tiered SoMe Campaigns

Readywebgo offers a multi-tiered social media campaign fee structure based on the types and strength of services included in each SMP program tier. An aggressive SMP social media campaign plan is based on additional services the other packages don't include, such as conducting monthly social media contests, video integration and promotion, Facebook ads campaign management and social engagement services via a dedicated SoMe Proxy. For a detailed list of the social media tiered SMP services, please see the chart below.

How Readywebgo's SoMe Agency Pricing is Created

Our expert internet marketing team has a combined experience of over 30 years. As a social media agency, we build, manage and coordinate social media campaigns that create a strong online presence for our clients, and ultimately a loyal following from your users. We know exactly what it takes to create online interest and visibility as well as proven techniques for engaging your social media community. As your social media agency, we'll help you define and refine the practices for targeting online users and which social media and online platforms to use to maximize your traffic and engagement.

Our social media campaign pricing is based on using the appropriate time and resources needed to create a strong online presence through social media. The combination of services will positively impact your search and brand visibility as well.

Most social media agencies won't publish their social media campaign pricing. Making informed decisions is key to your understanding of online and social media marketing. The specifics of Readywebgo's social media campaign pricing, including the services each campaign level includes, will help you understand the level of commitment needed to have an impact. We have a very systematic approach, making us a social media agency small businesses and organizations turn to improve their online presence.

Social Media Campaign Fee Schedule

SoMe Campaign Tiered Services Descriptions





Social media marketing strategy development

Dedicated social media campaign manager & proxy*


2 telephone consultations or campaign reviews per month


Facebook - setup, design, enhancements & promotion
Includes creating a Facebook widget for your website if desired

Weekly Facebook updates, engagement (responses) as needed & email notification


Twitter - setup, design, enhance & promotion
Includes creating a Twitter Widget for your website if desired

Weekly Twitter updates, engagement (responses) as needed & email notification


Flickr - setup, enhancements & promotion


Weekly Flickr updates, engagement (responses) as needed & email notification


YouTube - setup and design your own YouTube Channel, enhancements & promotion


Weekly YouTube updates & engagement via comment responses as needed with email notification


Social profile creation on secondary sites like StumbedUpon, Reddit, Tumblr etc.


Squidoo lens and perspective development


Hub page creation


SoMe community engagement best practices guide

Outreach - Social network friend seeding


Promotion - Social network friend seeding


LinkedIn company setup


Social media competitive analysis


Web graphic design work for existing website & properties


Brand reputation analysis


Blog setup & design (using WebAdmin 4 tools or externally using Blogger)


Blog social media promotion


Blog search engine optimization & search marketing implementation


2-4 blog posts per month


Feedburner email signup


RSS distribution implementation


Facebook ads campaign management (ad costs not included)


3rd Party blog posts (compliant with SEC guidelines)


Monthly online surveys, follow-up and analysis


Monthly social contests and follow-up


Ratings and reviews (not including Yelp)


Photo & presentation sharing including Slideshare


Digg promotion


Blogger outreach


Friend Feed - content aggregation


Wikis promotion


Social web application & widgets development





1 hour consultation with senior SoMe consultant


Additional unlisted social media strategies


Brand/company protection:
Profile & username creation of your business or organization's brand
at the largest social media sites

one-time charge



Daily reputation & community monitoring



Monthly reporting & analysis



One time campaign investment: (90 day duration)





Monthly Marketing, Management & Maintenance Fee





Which SoMe program tier is best for my organization?

An array of services are included with each social media campaign tier Readywebgo offers. We'll work with you and your organization to review your goals and objectives for social mdeia, your marketing budget, and your specific industry to determine the best social media campaign for you.
What does Readywebgo base SoMe campaign pricing on?
Social media should focus on providing valuable content to your audience that engages them so the will recommend you via your website to others using the new "word of mouth". Going "viral" is one of the chief goals for a SoMe campaign. Readywebgo has found the social media : to visitor : to subscriber conversion methods to be the most cost-effective way to take advantage of social media traffic opportunities.
Our social media campaign tiered fees are based on several different approaches we utilize to increase traffic, positivley impact your website's visibility across the web, provide better brand awareness and improve your ability to engage with your users and customers. From Twitter and Facebook to blogs and online contests, our social media campaign fee schedule is based on all the different strategies needed to create an effective online presence for your organization.
Why do SoMe campaign costs vary so much?
There aren't any industry standards when it comes to SoMe services and engagement. Many providers claim they're a social media agency and then create any pricing model they like much as we often see from frims who make unusual claims about SEO services. Calculating a fair social media fee schedule is left to up to you. Our social media campaign fee schedule is there to allow you to make informed decisions when choosing a social media agency.


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