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WebAdmin 4.3 Leaps to the Front
2012 release of WebAdmin discussed

With great anticipation we're able to say WebAdmin 4.3 is officially launched! After 4 months of work and several revisions and additions we also have our first new WebAdmin website up and running for Alysse Matthews Interior Design at www.alyssematthews.com. We already have four new websites and three upgrades in the works. Two of the new upgrades include an interim release of our RocketCart shopping system which includes a version of the new WebAdmin Editor for creating product and category descriptions.
It's vitally important for our clients to participate in the process through communication and feedback. We give them most of the credit for what's new in this release of WebAdmin. Because of our client's input and ever evolving needs, WebAdmin includes new features and capabilities like built in site maps, a choice of 3 gallery formats and more. All that being said, software development is still very hard work. And, while there are great techniques and practices like Agile development for streamlining the process, it still takes attention to detail and testing, testing, testing. Here are some frequently asked questions from clients about software development and WebAdmin in particular:
Question: Why is it important to make this point?
Answer: We provide WebAdmin at no cost to all of our clients who host with us and it's the foundation for all our custom websites. WebAdmin is only "sold" to other hosting providers, web developers and self-hosted clients. On a percentage basis, these make up only 5% of our clients.
Question: How do you recoup your investment?
Answer: It's really pretty simple.... with a more flexible and feature rich content management system like WebAdmin built behind a website, our clients are happier, refer more business our way and we have fewer support issues. Even when we are asked to provide support, we do more for less. The bottom line is - we get paid back by having happy clients who send us their friends. 
Question: What do you think are the best new features in WebAdmin?
Answer: From my perspective, of the 11 or so new features in WebAdmin, there are four that stand out - the integrated site map generator, ability to select from 3 different gallery types, the FAQ question and answer system, and automated sub-menus. My geek side chooses stuff like - user-driven meta data like meta keywords, page titles and meta descriptions; and simpler includes and pages formatting.
Question: What does an upgrade cost?
Answer: A WebAdmin upgrade typically works best when it is done in conjunction with re-design or facelift. The simplest upgrade, where we don't touch any the content is usually 300.00 and, for our Site Maintenance Plan clients, 240.00. We provide a 50% discount for upgrades to our nonprofit clients.  If a website has a custom application, lots of content or if a re-design is in the works, the cost is adjusted accordingly.
For more about the new release of WebAdmin download the first page of the software description by click here.
Want to know more? Feel free to comment below or contact Dave Green via email at dave@readywebgo.com.
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