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WebAdmin 4 SEO Tools
SEO Made Simple with WebAdmin

Search Engine Optimization has long been like rocket science to most. If you're like us, you get unreasonably optimistic offers every day via email. They make big promises about site rankings and exposure. Our friends at Google are quick to point out these offers are to be ignored. Google doesn't give anyone a leg up and (try to) only look to websites that provide rich content, good structure and are well-traveled for the best rankings.
Add to your SEO efforts a dynamic sitemap, well written content and more traffic, and you will get better rankings. We're constantly watching for things that will give our clients an edge and WebAdmin 4.X has taken the conversation to the next level by providing you with tools to control your message with our great content management tools and a combination of "meta tags management" tools built right into WebAdmin. New "pretty URLs" also enhance your website's attractiveness for search. For more about SEO visit our SEO FAQs page by clicking here.
First some background about the key elements of page structure.
Page Title Tag
The most important SEO element is the Title Tag. The Title Tag, which appears at the top of the browser with the Site Name. The Page Title should be different for every page of your website and must contain words that are used in the page content to be effective. We used to have to create individual pages to provide effective titles for each page. And we had to use the desired keywords in the content to get better site positioning. While this has always been up to you taking the initiative to work the page's Title Tag into the readable content you provide your visitors, now there are new tools that will help you find the right combination.
Site Name
The Site Name contains the name of your website and should be combined with the Page Title to create an effective element for SEO. Using the same name for every page isn't very search friendly so the combination of the two meta tags should change from page to page. Most CMS tools require tricks to accomplish this.
Meta Tags
Meta tags are important part of SEO, especially the Description meta tag. Keyword meta tags should only contain the words you have also used in the content of the specific page. The Description can contain any words you want and is displayed in search engines below the title in the search results. The Description should be compelling for the visitor and motivate them to visit your website - to click thru.
WebAdmin 4.X SEO Tools
Rules, rules and more rules. And to be certain these fundamentals have been true for as long as search has played a roll in finding content and websites that users are looking for. The process of building pages is a fairly labor intensive process. Editing tags, titles and matching tags was a function that someone with HTML knowledge used to have to do for you in order for you website to be competitive. As the years rolled along, and search engines got more and more strict in order to penalize sites that were built to deny users high quality searches, more and more emphasis has been placed on content matching.
The new WebAdmin 4.X now has a new set of Admin Utilities including - File Manager, Newsletter Admin, Manage Users, Support Manager, Contact Info and Meta Tags. The Meta Tags tool allows you to control the Deception, Keywords and Title. Check out the screen shot above.
You'll note there are two sets - one specifically for the home page - which is by far the most important page of any website. The second set is for all other pages. The (Page) Title Tag works in conjunction with the content management tool and combines the Page Title with the title you give your article. This creates a unique Page Title and Site Name for every page.
While there are still not guarantees about search placement, the new WebAdmin puts for power into your hands. Readywebgo's role continues to be to provide you with tools, programs and a resource for creating Search Marketing campaigns that complete the cycle for better search engine rankings.
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