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Strategic Planning

A comprehensive Internet Business Plan includes Internet strategies for search marketing, social meda and conversions as well as finding ways to interact with your constituents. While an Internet Business Plan contains all the elements of traditional strategic decision making processes, we rely on a process called CPRA&P to refine your context, purposes, practices and activities that create results.
Technical and organizational analysis and development processes like assessing and evaluating options and scenarios are key to the strategy elements. Internet strategic planning requires managing interrelated components, which are then brought together into a workable whole.
All of these elements fall within a triad of strategy determinations that include:
Business, culture and change management processes
Creative,content, applications and user development disciplines
Technical and operational management practices

The Internet strategy development process encourages incorporation of interrelated information to create an outline of the Internet Business Plan. These elements encompass information and design elements from our creative department; potential internal and external content resources including social media and other emerging applications and apps; and the suppliers, programs and automated tools needed to deploy and implement a successful Internet presence and fully functioning online marketing program.
An Internet Business Plan will also serve as a document that promotes what a robust online presence can provide your organization. Like a business plan used by startup companies, the Internet Business Plan lets you gather the necessary resources and support required for success..
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